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Illustrator Course - Begineer to Advance

Duration : 25 Days | Classes : Weekdays / Weekends
Course Content

Course Overview : Drawing Illustrations, Branding and more

Adobe Illustrator is one the best and highly used tool for designing vector illustrations and objects. We provide 22 Days short term design training in adobe illustrator in which all the tools and techniques will be covered of designing vector illustrations.

Get trained from the industry experts in the field of designing and start working with the tool.

Softwares Covered in the Course

Adobe Illustrator CC

Scope of Illustrator Training Course

Become an artist
Textile Designer
Fashion Designer
Vector Sketch Artist


What is Illustrator used for?

Adobe Illustrator is a graphic Desining software in which vector graphics like infographics, Illustrations and Cartoons are designed. It is basically a graphical representation of an object.

What is a vector in Illustrator?

Vector art or Vector object are the object which is a combination of dots, lines and curves. These Objects are easy to scale or resize and are pixel independent.

What is a difference between Photoshop and Illustrator?

Photoshop is a raster tool used for editing and designing raster graphics which are created on raster tool or are pixel based graphics. Illustrator is a vector tool in which vector graphics are designed which are not dependent on pixel.

Is Illustrator harder to learn than Photoshop?

No, Both tools are different and when it comes to comparison learning techniques of both the tools are equivalent.

Illustrator Course Training Institute in Faridabad

Mayank Ratra Design Classes is one of the best and highly rated training institute in Faridabad. They provide classes for various design courses like graphic design course in which all the topics of design are covered and students were skilled in various design streams to get ready for the job. Students are prepared with designer resume and portfolio to get ready for the job. Students can choose from various classroom and short term courses.

Illustrator Syllabus Content

Module 1
Beginners Level
  • Illustrator Essential Training
    • Creating New Documents
    • Managing Workspace
    • Vector Basics
    • Using Selection Tools
    • Fill and Stroke effects in Adobe Illustrator
    • Color Theory
    • Fonts and Typography
Module 2
Intermediate Level
  • Working with Shapes
    • Using the Drawing Lines
    • Using Colour/Swatches/Gradients and more
    • Compound paths and building shapes, drawing modes
    • Mastering the Pen Tool
    • Understanding Layers
    • Working with Rulers and Guides
    • Using Type Tools
    • Applying Fills and Strokes
    • Measuring and Transforming Objects
    • Grouping and Ungrouping objects
    • Compound paths and building shapes, drawing modes
Module 3
Advanced Level
  • Working with Grids, Colors and Alignment
    • Creating Perspective Designs
    • Designing Mesh Art
    • Building dynamic compound shapes with Pathfinder operations
    • Using advanced layer techniques
    • Working with Grids and Alignment techniques
    • Assigning patterns to fills and strokes
    • Scaling and rotating objects
    • Creating custom gradients
    • Coloring and shading with LivePaint
    • Working in RGB vs CMYK color modes
    • Saving files in Illustrator CC
Module 4
Mastery Level
  • Working with 3D and Patterns
    • Tracing pixel-based images with Image Trace
    • Transforming fills and strokes via the Appearance panel
    • Applying Drop Shadow and Gaussian Blur
    • Advanced blending techniques
    • Working with 3D Effects
    • Working with the Brushes Panel
    • Top-Secret Tricks for Shortcuts
    • Seamlessly Repeating Patterns

Students Reviews

Sachin Satija

Amazing experience with Mayank. He is good in his field of design. I learn Illustrator from him and had a great experience.

Shikha Rathore

He is a very good trainer. I learn a lot from him. His guidance help me to do my work with a positive attitude. Thanks a lot sir.

Vanika Saberwal

It's a great experience to learn graphic designing from Mayank sir. He has lots of knowledge and make you learn basics so clearly that you never feel like you are new to it. You know everything about everything with him.

Guneet Kaur

He got detailed knowledge of Photoshop & illustrator. He is great teacher and communicator. Acquired great skills at graphics and website development as well.

Bhavika Dhawan

Mayank is helpful and patient with his students. He is well aware of new content/technique in the industry. He motivates students to create new things by challenging their skill sets and help with overall improvement of the students.

Douglas Cyrus

It was amazing experience learning from him he holds vast knowledge about designs, models and lot of trending art. He helped me anytime I needed guidance and has a student friendly way of teaching.

Shubham Uniyal

Best in his class Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Mr. Mayank has great skills regarding photoshop and illustrator and trained me well. He is always up to help whenever I have any doubt. It was a great experience to get training from him.

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